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A whole region there for you to explore – walk out of your hotel in Foggia and you can discover historic towns and villages, natural landscapes and places of worship and spirituality

Right in the heart of industrious Apulia,  Foggia occupies a geographical position that represents a convenient and strategic starting point for a variety of excursions that will enable you to discover the natural beauty, the historic heritage and the spiritual suggestiveness of this region.

To experience all of this you could choose Hotel Europa, a convenient hotel with parking in the centre of Foggia  which is right near the railway station.  A stay of several days will allow you to go on various trips.

Some suggestions for your travels, assuring you that we will send you off after a good breakfast and give you a warm welcome  back to Hotel Europa in the evening:

Foggia, the main town of the Capitanata region,  was founded in the Middle Ages and, owing to its strategic position in the centre of the Tavoliere plain, immediately acquired prestige and privileges:  Federick II of Swabia  gave it Imperial status by having his palace built there, all of which remains today is the entrance arch and an inscription.
Of considerable interest is the monumental complex of  Calvario or  "Chiesa delle Croci" – “Church of  the Crosses” – which rises up at the crossroads of the ancient sheep-tracks: the 18th-century  Palazzo Dogana  - Customs House – is today home to the Provincial Administration as well as to the city’s Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art. 

The  Cathedral definitely deserves a visit.  It was founded in the XII century and is dedicated to Saint Maria Icona Vetere, better known by the name Madonna of the Seven Veils, the patron of the city.

By staying at our hotel in Foggia you will also have the opportunity,  just a short way from us,

 to visit the large Foresta Umbra of the Gargano (the name derives from the deep shade produced by the thick vegetation). Here,  in the Foresta Umbra of the Gargano, grow numerous varieties of wild orchids, which attract both tourists and scholars. At San Nicandro Garganico, at about 60 km from the Hotel Europa, you can also see the  Dolina Pozzatina, one of the most significant karst phenomena in Europe, it being, in terms of size, the second largest doline in existence.

The Sea
For most people the Gargano means above all sea. One only has to think of the little white-walled villages such as Peschici, Vieste and  Mattinata, or their beaches, studded with the characteristic wooden fishermen’s  platforms, the watchtowers (as a defence against the raids of the Saracen pirates) and endless grottos and gorges, due to the karst nature of the Gargano coastline.  Take advantage of your  business trip in Foggia  to travel to the Adriatic coast from Hotel Europa and really get to know the Gargano coast  and its world-famous beauty.

Other than being brought to  Apulia on business or for pleasure, you may wish to come here for a religious pilgrimage, since this is a territory where spirituality is strongly felt and is represented by the figures of  Saint Pio (Padre Pio) of Pietrelcina  and the Archangel  Michael.

At approximately  40 km from our hotel you will find San Giovanni Rotondo, where Saint Pio (Padre Pio) lived and preached for many years.  An enormous Church was recently built in his memory.  The commission was given to the great Italian architect Renzo Piano  whose design became a source of controversial criticism.

Following the route for a further 15 km you will come to Monte Sant’Angel, where, according to legend, the Archangel Michael  has been known to appear.  His shrine was one of the main symbols of Christianity throughout the Middle Ages, and it was here, in fact, that the Crusaders would go before starting off on their long and perilous journey towards the Holy Land.

If  you are here on business,  our conference room is of course at your disposal
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